about calaera

My name is Calaera.

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web. I own a video game blog (of mostly FFXI and FFXIV adventures), help run a XIV fansite, and helped with the creation of a few podcasts here and there. Of all the blogs I own, this is my more (public) personal blog. It will contain a smattering of things I deem worthy of posting; photos, stories, recordings, and maybe even videos of my life, thoughts, feelings, and things I just happen to like or dislike.

Who am I?

I am an Asian-American female who acts, sounds, and may even appear younger than I actually am. I am a former military brat, who hasn’t live as many varied places as one would imagine of a typical military family. I am a Early Childhood Educator looking to switch professions to the allied health field, so I can help people in a variety of ways that is difficult in my current career. My written words are unlike the trash that spews from my mouth; I have no censor and will make no apologies for it on my blog.

Is that all?

I dabble here and there on a lot of things, but am not necessarily ‘hardcore’ about many of them. I enjoy animated works, children’s literature, televised dramas, HGTV, video games (particularly handhelds and the MMO variety), reading, music, and sleeping. In otherwords, I am a normal and quite boring individual that doesn’t stand out except for the fact I’m taller than most Asians. It gets to feel awkward standing by a group barely 5′ tall Asians while I tower over them.